When TARGETSPORTS were invited by founder Sven Thiele to join the HOTCHILLEE CHALLENGE TEAM at the Pick ‘n’ Pay Cape Argus Bike Tour in South Africa a whole nano-second passed before we gratefully accepted. The “Argus” is the biggest cyclo-sportive event in the world and this year attracted a record entry of almost 42,000.  However the gale-force winds at the beginning meant that over 16,000 did not even attempt to start the event.  60 km/h winds caused havoc and 71 riders had to be collected en-route by ambulance.

All members of the HOTCHILLEE CHALLENGE TEAM made it home safely and were royally looked after in the organiser’s hospitality tent where we were treated to a visit from Hollywood’s very own Matt Damon, who had completed the event on a tandem with his brother Kyle, an experienced triathlete.

Read more about HOTCHILLEE at the Cape Argus on BikeRadar.com.  HOTCHILLEE organise the London to Paris Cycle Tour and “The Devil takes the Hindmost” event at this year’s Bike Radar Live.